WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOOD Disposable Vapes - Everything You Want to Know

on July 15, 2020


It hasn't been long since vaping took the World by storm! Many smokers around the globe have ditched the outdated mode of traditional cigarettes - that are packed to the brim with over 7000 cancer-causing chemicals - and embraced the e-cigarette, and all vaping had to offer.  With vaping, users are now able to enjoy all the pleasure and satisfaction of a more efficient nicotine delivery system.

Online vape shops sprung up overnight, as well as brick-and-mortar vape stores, all offering their wares at ever-competitive prices. Gone are the days of second-hand smoke, smells that travel for miles and dirty ash everywhere.

Unfortunately, though, many of these products are not necessarily of a high-quality standard. Not all brands are rigorously tested by experts in the field as SMOOD is. And this is why and how SMOOD was born. Launched in 2019, we are constantly expanding our high-quality disposable vape devices, with plenty more innovative ideas hovering on the horizon! 

Who We Are

Keen to bring our knowledge and research powers to the ever-growing vape industry, we are a group of well-educated (think MIT and Harvard) and passionate individuals who believe in leading the way to the next level of the vape revolution. We want to offer adult smokers and vapers a way to make informed and responsible decisions; by offering quality products in all vape shops online and even in physical vape stores, that can be trusted to have undergone rigorous testing.

We are determined to bring products to our vape stores that are of a consistently high quality with an eye to minimizing side effects, making use of ground-breaking innovation and implementation of alternative vaping technology.

We believe transparency and inclusivity are key to making informed decisions. The old adage, knowledge is power, has never been more relevant. With that in mind, each and every one of our products are rigorously tested according to local and international guidelines. They are concisely labeled to be compliant to the various labeling laws, and undergo stringent quality manufacturing checks.

What We Offer

With so many options on the market - from different vape pens and devices to a huge array of e-liquids - it is easy to become overwhelmed with choice. To us, it is simple. We offer the ultimate vaping experience. Every single time.

Whether you are toying with the idea of changing from the usual mode of combustion cigarettes for the first time, or whether you are an experienced vape consumer who knows exactly what you’re looking for, we will have something that meets your needs on offer. 

Our devices are jam-packed with the best technology has to offer, from the manufacturing of the device itself to the contents that deliver smoothness and punch within easy and affordable reach.

Available in two tobacco flavors, each contains 40mg/mL (4%) pre-filled tobacco-free nicotine salt e-liquid. These are long-lasting with the 2mL size providing you with an estimated 600-800 pulls from one single device.  

Every hit offers a smooth delivery, with no leaking and no need for charging. The draw activation is efficient and convenient, with maximized tastes that present no burnt hits. We aim to give you elevated traditional tobacco flavors in a device that is highly satisfying (from the first to the last puff).

We offer a variety of disposable vapes for sale. Ready to go, it is a fast solution to vaping - because we know life is busy enough. SMOOD has advanced anti-leak technology; every device is pre-filled; they’re non-rechargeable; and ready from the minute you remove it from the box. It is the epitome of simple pleasures. It’s compact and light; and thanks to its size it’s discreet too – ready to fit snugly into your pocket. 

With two tobacco flavors, you will find something that tempts your taste buds. Whether you prefer the more traditional flavor of smooth tobacco or red tobacco; we have something for you. You get all of this in one easy purchase. There is no mess and no fuss. SMOOD is ready to go.

We are absolutely convinced of our vape's superiority – it is the best disposable vape on the market. We are constantly developing new vaping products, bringing them to the market only once they have passed all compliance tests. You know when you buy from us, not only is the vape price right but that you can trust in our brand.

  • Because this is a ready-to-go vape, it cannot be reused once finished. And as always, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact that ready-to-go products have, which is why our product is fully recyclable when you return it to us. We even offer a recycling loyalty program, where you will receive 10% off SMOOD on your next purchase for every four (4) SMOOD disposables you send back because the environment is as important to us as it is to you. Want to see more about our awesome recycling program? Head on over to: https://mysmood.com/pages/recycle-and-save

Putting You First

Your health and safety are our number one concern. We work hard to implement alternative vaping technology that is fully supportive of health concerns raised.

We ensure all our SMOOD products have undergone strict European Union TPD market testing. This includes testing the compounds for harmful additives in a liquid state, testing the chemical compounds when a vapor is formed, testing for metal compounds, and testing the chemical compounds multiple times in a row to monitor over the duration of use. 

We stay up to date and current with regards to vape news as well as the ever-important vape bans (SMOOD takes this seriously, we are constantly reviewing this and know and understand all the legal regulations), to ensure that we bring you top quality vape products over and over again.  

Yes, Please!

If you’re as excited as we are about these amazing products, you will be eager to try them for yourself! Superior quality, superior construction, and superior taste delivery all in one convenient disposable vape device. Want to give them a go? Shop online or find a store near you!  https://mysmood.com/a/storelocator


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