WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Top 7 Best Disposable E-Cigs of 2020

on October 23, 2020

Vaping is huge. It is growing. And there are so very many options on the market, from Juul pods to Myle pods to Mojo disposables... and all the way round to the best disposable vape device there is - SMOOD!

We figured it’s as good a time as any to give our competitors a test run, and to make sure that you know what you are buying. Vaping may be harmful when the device or the vaping e-liquid is substandard. It’s important for you as the consumer to be sure of the brand you are supporting and to know that they are safe and compliant with regulations. SMOOD prides itself on transparency and is open and clear with its testing and labelling. 

Vape products are fast replacing the traditional cigarette, as they closely mimic the sensation (and draw) of the old school smokes, but without the thousands of harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain. They are also convenient, quick and on the go, ready to use the moment they’re removed from the box. 


Smoking vs Vaping

Many traditional smokers are ditching the messy and smelly (may we say outdated?) mode for the disposable vape device. For some smokers it's because they’re craving something cleaner. There is a lot to be said for vaping instead of smoking - vaping is better than smoking.

Pocket size vapes

On top of all the new taste profiles on offer with the variety of vaping flavor concentrates, disposable vapes also have the added advantage of being clean (no ash, no plumes of toxic smoke issuing from every puff); they’re ready to use at a moments notice and ultra-convenient. But the main convenience has to lie in the pocket-size vapes available, they're light and slimline which guarantees discretion. 

So, who is SMOOD

SMOOD is the brainchild of like-minded MIT and Harvard medical engineers, who are committed to bringing an excellent alternative to responsible adults worldwide. We are dedicated to continually improving the vape experience, by bringing a satisfying alternative to the 7000 plus cancer-causing chemicals found in combustible cigarettes. 


Next-generation vape innovation!

Not only do our pocket-size vapes do all of the above, but they also provide the same satisfaction and draw that traditional cigarettes do. They deliver the nicotine that you are looking for and they are, without a doubt, the better alternative.

Quick overview of the disposable vape:

Disposable vapes are revolutionary. They offer all the benefits of the e-cig in one convenient package. There is no filling required (read, no mess!); disposable vapes come ready to use the minute you take it out of its packaging and can be used as much or as little as you’d like to. 

Once you have finished it, it’s easy to dispose of. However, please dispose of them correctly as they contain some hazardous waste. SMOOD has a policy on this. We invite you to take a look here for more information on their vape recycling program.

The disposable vape comes pre-charged and ready to go. There is no mess, no leak, and no fiddling with small parts - and SMOOD prides itself on no burnt taste either.

So what you’re looking for when it comes to vapes are smooth draw, and a satisfying hit in the throat that will mimic what you get when you smoke a traditional cigarette. If you feel you want to know everything there is to know about vapes before you take the plunge, we have some easy reading material for you. Simply pop on over to find out everything you need to know!


Right, let’s get chatting about the products out there!

And boy, are there many! Which are the best disposable vapes out there? There is Posh smokeMojo disposableMyle mini and Myle disposablePop bar disposable, the Juul system...the list is endless. We are going to do a comparison of all of the above, and show why SMOOD wins hands-down every time! 

You already know a little about who SMOOD is

We stand by our statement: we offer the best disposable vape device there is out there. We will examine our own disposable vape offerings first.  


SMOOD offers easy-to-use devices that are focused on being user-friendly. Each device comes ready-filled and pre-charged so that the minute you remove it from its box it’s ready to go. It’s the perfect pocket size, making it super convenient and very discreet. It’s cleverly engineered to ensure no e-juice kickback, and no leaking one worry you won’t have with our SMOOD disposable vape.  


Competitive pricing. At only $9.99 per pack, SMOOD keeps its prices as low as possible, but you can rest assured that the standard of this product is among the best.  


SMOOD has two specially formulated tobacco flavors. Whether you prefer a more conservative taste like Smooth Tobacco or if you prefer something more rich like Red Tobacco. Some other competitors may have a larger flavor variety- but SMOOD e-liquid flavor testing process ensures that all formulations are guaranteed to provide a satisfying vaping experience. Explore Smooth Tobacco disposable vape and Red Tobacco disposable vape

Quality standards

This small yet mighty disposable vape meets and exceeds all industry standards. It’s ISO 13485 certified - pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing standards. SMOOD pride itself on transparency, ensuring it is compliant with safety standards. SMOOD feels safety is of paramount importance and non-negotiable. They do rigorous product inspections and testing is conducted before leaving its facility. They ensure clear product labeling compliant to local laws. They also hold US and international design, and utility patents. And furthermore have European Union TPD market testing completed for E-liquid Analysis, Vapor Analysis, and Metal Testing.

SMOOD offers a superior subscriber program

When you sign up for the subscriber program, you gain access to excellent discounts and exclusive deals. You get to be the first to know about the latest product launches and any new and exciting developments along the way. Find out more here.

SMOOD has a recycling program too

Because we really care. We don’t want to feel bad, and we don’t want you to either. So we have created an excellent recycling program (don’t mean to blow our own horn, but we’re the only program out there!) where you get to do the right thing AND save too. 

Once you’ve returned four (4) empty SMOOD disposable devices, you get 10% off your next purchase. For more details visit our vape recycling program.

The legal stuff

You can rest assured knowing that this company is up-to-date on legal requirements without compromising on quality. Its transparency makes it clear, and they have nothing to hide. SMOOD testing is rigorous and in-depth, and they are constantly making strides in vape innovation.


Let’s compare!

Are you interested in how other brands compare to SMOOD? Well, so were we. Which is why we decided to undertake a little, and totally informal, comparison study. Below, you will find a comparison of the best disposable vapes and best disposable e-cigarettes out there. Findings are based on our own opinions and trial. 

First things first! The Juul doesn’t come in disposable. Immediately - can you see it - we can see a mountain of potential barriers here! Convenience? Not so much! Fuss-free? We think not.

The Juul, as it is not disposable, needs to be charged daily. And you can bank on the charge only lasting about a day or less with more frequent use. If this isn’t an issue for you, great. But it does take a lot of forward planning, or you need a backup in case you get caught up with life and forget to charge it. 

The Juul pod offers you 200 puffs per pod. Depending on where you live in the world, Juul pod cartridges come in two to six different flavors, with the mango Juul pods being quite popular. 

Sizewise, it is kind of small and resembles a USB flash drive in looks. 

Juul pods come in 3 nicotine strengths - 1.5%, 3%, and 5% (whereas Mood and some other disposables have strength options up to 6.5% - more bang for your buck, but choosing the strength that’s best for you is a personal choice). 

Overall, we feel the Juul tends to be quite pricey. You need to invest in the starter kit first off at $49.99, or a single device at $19.99 and then your Juul pods will set you back a further minimum $9.99 per two-pack (up to $15.99 four-pack). Not to mention spare chargers when you're on the fly or just simply can’t recall where you’ve placed it. 

Puff bar

The puff bar will give you a hard 300 puffs per pod. The puff bar flavors list is quite extensive, with a whopping 24 flavors (yes, we have fewer - but ours are concentrated flavors with a clear taste). With a 5% strength, it’s falling short of what SMOOD has on offer. It is convenient as it's compact, light, and portable; but these offer no more or less than most of the best disposable nicotine vapes out there. They do come in a variety of fun and playful colors - if that’s your thing. Overall, we feel you will find what you’re looking for as a vaper. You will get a decent experience with the Puff bar, but you will be shelling out more $$$ on this product ($9.99), and may even purchase counterfeits or come across a few duds. It’s no wonder that Puff Bar Wholesale is such a popular search topic! 

Meet the Mojo

The Mojo disposable comes with a life span of 2 to 3 days. You can expect to get around 200 puffs from this disposable vape. It takes the form and shape of a bullet, which is quite different, and the Mojo vapor is known to be good for such a small device. However, some users have noted that the ‘inhaling light’ is very bright. Each flavor comes in a different color device, so it’s easily recognizable, and there are twelve flavors to choose from. It has been noted that each flavor is unique and has a good likeness to the actual taste. Price comparison comes in at moderate as they start from $6.99 and range up to $9.99.

Hello Myle (slim)

It’s the turn of the Myle vape disposable. The Myle vape delivers 245 puffs from beginning to end, but, like the Myle mini, you only have 6 flavors to choose from. The Myle mini iced lychee tends to be among the more popular choices, along with the blueberry mini Myle, both of which we sampled. It’s a good-looking disposable vape - as the slim comes in a smooth-to-touch black body shell. It is longer and skinnier than the Myle mini. This one too, delivers 5% strength throughout the range. The big question we need to ask is how much is a Myle slim, and is it competitive? Coming in at $8.99 means it is midrange for 1mL, definitely not even close to SMOOD (in taste, superior strength, superior product) but it’s tucked safely somewhere in the middle and delivers a consistent experience. 

Popping along to the Pop bar

The Pop bar has a sleek and slimline look to it, making it comfortable to hold. At the lower end of the price scale, the Pop bar disposable has its place in the market. It promises to deliver between 300 and 400 puffs, and the Pop bar comes in 10 flavors. Once again, with a 5% strength, the Pop bar disposable strength packs a punch though lower than SMOOD strength of 6.5%. Still wondering how much a pop bar will set you back? $7.99 is what you can bank on. 

The Posh device

The Posh flavors come in at a rather limited number of eight, with some users complaining that they taste the same (we agree). The draw is tight, but there is good vapor production from the Posh device, with an overall decent throat hit. Flavors are mostly fruit-based. It delivers 200 puffs from one device and has a slightly stronger strength than the other brands reviewed above at 6%. The look is metallic, however, the edges are not well rounded. It comes in bright colors, it’s single-use and it is draw activated. Like all pocket-size vapes, it is lightweight and portable. 

The final one today, the Stig

The mini vape known as The Stig is one of the original disposables to hit the market. It delivers a decent 290 puffs. It has a comfortable ergonomic shape and is around 3 inches long. It is a device that proves easy and comfortable to use. The strength factor is up there, at 6% like the Posh. The Stig comes in a choice of 5 flavors. They tend to be quite competitive in pricing if you like to buy in bulk. $16.99 for a box of three. 

So there you have it!

These are some of the best disposable vape device options there are. No doubt all of the above will offer you something that you are looking for, but we are still convinced that the SMOOD product is the best you can get. We’ve compared vape pods, vape innovation, vaping flavor concentrates, the vape price, and feel that Mood is at the top in every respect. 

Disposable vapes are the answer to problems posed with traditional cigarettes. They’re clean, they’re easy to use. They’re better for the environment (especially when you make use of a recycling program like SMOOD brand) and better for those around you that are dealing with secondhand smoke. Disposable vapes make vaping a frequent and discreet activity, you don’t need preparation beforehand and you can use as much or as little as you would like.

All the brands above, but mostly SMOOD, are trustworthy and safe to use. They are all approximately of the same quality as SMOOD products. The different flavors offered by these disposable vapes ensure a good taste experience, and they all offer convenient sizing (perfect to fit into your pocket, no paraphernalia needed to tag along with them). Make sure, when you are choosing a disposable vape, that you find one that has the right strength for your needs.

Avoid generic disposables and stick with brands that know what they are doing - such as SMOOD. You will get maximum value when buying from the better brands, and by signing up for an email subscription service you are guaranteed to get even more value with savings and exclusive offers. Their recycling program offers great incentives too - so need we really say more to convince you as to why you should give SMOOD a go?


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